The Pascolo Eagle Has (Almost) Landed!


The Pascolo Eagle Has (Almost) Landed!

Dear <<First Name>>,

Welcome to our first e-blast from Jace Wines. Thank you to all of you who signed up. Tell your friends. (Use this link to Forward to this message to a Friend or the link above.) We appreciate your interest in our project, and are quite confident we have some AWESOME wine offerings for you to enjoy.

Even the Government Shutdown Didn’t Stop Us.

I have reminisced a lot about Alanis Morissette’s iconic song “Ironic” as I learned our shipment was coming into U.S. port on the East Coast. You see, when your shipment arrives, I was learning, both Customs and FDA have to inspect and “clear” the pallet. So, while the wines were resting comfortably in our refrigerated container, we learned that the FDA “receiving” number for Alessandro Pascolo’s Winery needed to be “re-examined” because the last and only other time his wine was imported to America was 2012. And, in anticipation of a SHUTDOWN, that re-examination was not going to start until the SHUTDOWN was over. So, the 4 days before the SHUTDOWN began, we were on pre-shutdown, SHUTDOWN. “Isn’t it ironic” that our first shipment in this project is SHUTDOWN in anticipation of a SHUTDOWN. Giving full credit where credit is due, when the SHUTDOWN was officially over the following Tuesday, both Customs and FDA made our little pallet a priority, and it was inspected, and released, on January 26th. It’s making its way here in refrigerated cargo, and we expect it here in San Diego on

Friday, February 2, 2018.

This delicious sparkling wine is a blend of Ribolla Gialla (60%), Chardonnay (20%) and Riesling (20%). Made by destemming and pressing, with fermentation in steel tanks for six months on the lees. Bottling without adding sugars, aging in bottle 4 months. Its key grape, Ribolla Gialla, is thought to have originated in Greece, and became the indigenous wine of the Friuli-Collio region of Italy during the 13th Century. In 1402, a law was passed in the region to prevent the adulteration of the wine, as it was a local favorite. It is celebrated by Italians, and remains little known to the rest of the world. Why you will LOVE this wine. Its delicate, very small bubbles create a velvety sensation, and ensure its elegance. Straw yellow in color, the wine is intense and envelops your mouth with a very rich flavor of green apple, pineapple, aromatic herbs, backed by a solid, mineral background. It is fresh in the mouth, velvety, a little salty, and has a flinty mineral finish. It is a PERFECT accompaniment to seafood, especially oysters on the half shell, crab claws, and caviar.


What does this Mean for YOU?

Well, we are working this week to get the Jace Wines website working, and remove the glitches and stuff. You should be able to place orders by Wednesday, and we will endeavor to get orders out right away.

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What’s the Rush?

So, here’s the deal, as Bridget likes to say: we worked hard to get this project going now, so we could ensure you would have your bottles of Pascolo’s BOLLA GIALLA sparkling wine in time for that romantic Valentine’s occasion that many of you are gonna’ forget without our nudge. Forgetful guys: You’re Welcome!


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