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Sauvignon Blanc

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Rynnhof Update.  The Rynnhof pallet is on U.S. soil, and has received Customs and FDA clearance.  We will be featuring these wines in March.

Bordeaux Versus Burgundy – What’s Your Preference? 
In the literature, wine writers continue to debate the relative merit of Chardonnay from Burgundy versus Sauvignon Blanc from Bordeaux.  We don’t always side with Sauvignon Blanc, but do favor that wine.  Mostly because we love our food pairings, and have found that a quality Sauvignon Blanc teases the palate, and tends to brighten flavors in our favorite foods.  For us, Chards are often, not always, flabby.  In our continued pursuit of really fun and crisp food wines, we were blessed to discover a small block of Sauvignon Blanc that Alessandro – thankfully – set aside for us. 

Sauvignon Blanc is indigenous to Southwest France, and due to its popularity and productivity, is now grown all over the world.  Recently, New Zealand discovered that Sauvignon Blanc grown down under develops a distinct grapefruit aroma and flavor.  It develops its mature characteristics in cooler climate appellations, and the strong citrus flavors, like grapefruit, are common in warm climate Sauvignon Blanc wines.  In Collio, Italy, Alessandro’s Sauvignon Blanc demonstrates all the characteristics for which this wine has become famous:  it is crisp, elegant, and fresh. 

With the generally cooler climate in Collio, this Sauvignon Blanc has the right balance between the grassy flavors that make it such a good food wine and the softer tropical fruit and floral nuances that define its elegance.  There is no grapefruit bomb lurking in this glass, yet its high acidity begs to be allowed to stand up to citrus buerre blanc anytime, anywhere.  In France, Sauvignon Blanc is famously paired with dishes featuring Chèvre.  The infamous goat cheese salad, Chèvre chaud, is quintessentially paired in springtime with Sauvignon Blanc at nearly every outdoor café along the Champs-Élysées.  Alessandro’s is a French-style Sauvignon Blanc, which prefers being both elegant and intensely flavored, with long mouthfeel, and long life inside the bottle.  As Alessandro himself says:  “For me, a great wine must be tasty, pleasant and long-lived, and not only flavored in the nose.”  


De-stemming and pressing. Fermentation in steel tanks at 16°C (60°F).  Aging on the lees for 8 months, aging in bottle 4 months.

Light, straw yellow color, with intense flavor of tropical fruits, fig leaf, melon, and fresh pineapple. Fresh and tasty in the mouth, with a long-flavored finish.

Fried vegetables; pasta with smoked salmon; Chèvre chaud with Escarole and Frizee; pasta carbonara.

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