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Glassierhof, Tank Room


Welcome again to the latest edition of the Jace Wines e-Blast Newsletter.  We hope you are enjoying the experience.  Truth is, we’ve been filling orders while awaiting our new wines, and they have arrived.  Lots of news, lots of new wines, for those in California (and nearby), just in time for summer.  We have a broad offering of sumptuous whites and have added several red wines (everyone has asked us to get “more reds”) — get some today, supplies remain limited.

Stefan VajaMeet Stefan Vaja:  Introduced to us by Nathalie of Rynnhof, Stefan has some of his wines reviewed — and sometimes available — in the Boston-area of the United States.  He’s known as a “rock star” in his village, mostly because he makes sizzling traditional Alto Adige wines, and is one of the few in the region to make spectacular wines from traditional French grapes.
Glassier Wines
The Glassier estate dates all the way back to 1663.  We have a nice selection of Stefan’s less traditional offerings, each with its own dynamic spin. 

Chardonnay:  Stefan makes a Sauvignon Blanc that is traditional for its intense minerality, while it has a buttery edge and a creaminess that defies traditional Sauvignon Blanc.   We don’t have any.  We have his Chardonnay.  And, when thinking creamy, well, this gem is it.  Not much of the sloppy hot buttery flavors of some Chardonnay, Stefan’s has a toastiness to it that is subtly buttery, but mostly its decadent in its creaminess.  Thinking of fresh fish, grilled, with a decadent white sauce, maybe even a little fontina or white cheddar.  ONLY 5 CASES AVAILABLE. 

Lagrein Reserva:  Stefan’s Lagrein is among the highest rated in the region.  We have “only” the Reserva, 2015.  This wine is superb.  Mello tannins, with an earthy taste of dried cherries, cranberries and blackberries that linger into a long finish.  The wine remains constantly well-balanced, does not need decanting, and its balance derives from the limestone and sandstone soils at the winery. 

Learn:  Learn is Stefan’s proprietary blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, grown on his estate.  This is the hardest-to-find of his wines, and it was only after a long duel of “rock – paper – scissors” that he relented, and shipped some.  Smooth, seductive and sexy, Learn sells out within minutes of release.  ONLY 5 CASES AVAILABLE.

Pascolo is Back
We had quite an introduction of our Pascolo wines.  Alessandro knows his craft.  In this shipment, we brought back what was left of his wines that “sold out” on our site nearly instantly. 

Sauvignon Blanc:  This wine sold out in days when first introduced, and we convinced Alessandro to send us his last 3 cases, so get yours before it’s too late. 

Merlot Selezzione:  This wine remains an enigma, tasting a lot more like a Bordeaux blend with an Italian finish than a varietal bottling of 100% Merlot.  Those who accept the uniqueness of that gobbled it up.  We have his last 4 cases, that I bet will get “gobbled up” quickly. 

Cabernet Sauvignon:  We served our last 4 bottles at the Mission Hills Wine Cellar tasting, and had 4 cases ordered.  Good news — we got those 4, and an additional last 2 cases.  Hurry, won’t last. 

Cabernet Franc:  This is, frankly, the most unusual wine in the Jace Wines lineup.  It has a traditional Cab Franc peppery finish, but more “earthy” than any other wine we offer.  Over about 30 minutes in the glass (if you can wait that long) it goes from cooked fruitiness to spiciness.  It’s a perfect match for Italian meatballs in mushroom alfredo, just saying.  Alessandro has replanted the Cabernet Franc to other grapes varietals, so when these 3 cases are gone, they are all gone.  Nada.  No more. 

The big excitement here for us is the introduction of wines that Chris and Bridget made with our winemakers.  We have a Rosé, a prodigious white blend, and a studious and easily approached Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon blend.  Keeping with the American tradition in July, we are introducing three wines this month:  PINK, WHITE and RED (okay, bad pun).  We first introduced these wines at Christina’s 8th grade graduation from Bridget’s school, OTA, and we received great reviews. 

Rosé. It’s summer time, and in summer, there is nothing better than quaffing a delicious and viscous Rosé. Not one that tastes just cold, wet and sweet — we want one that’s cold, yes, and wet, yes, but more interesting, and NOT SWEET. In fact, our Rosé is bone dry. Working with Stefan Vaja, we made this Rosé of Lagrein to be truly something special. It has a spiciness to it, and viscosity not normal for a Rosé. It is the perfect accompaniment to cubed watermelon/basil/feta, where the only sweetness comes from the watermelon. We have 18 cases of this wine. We do not expect it to last long, and we have two eateries in San Diego adding it to their July Happy Hour menus, so be careful, there may not be any left when you want it. The label was hand-drawn by Bridget, and features the green eyes of our daughter, Christina.

White Blend:  Candido Armonizzare.  Beautiful Italian words for “white harmony.”  Inspired for us by our daughter, the wine itself is named “CONNECTED” — the romantic in us believes it was always supposed to be, two rarely (if ever) blended varietals that, together, make a beautiful couple.  This is a blend of Stefan’s luscious Pinot Bianco (albino Pinot Noir) blended with the above-mentioned Sauvignon Blanc.  Yes, we have “a little” of that Sauvignon Blanc, but it’s in the blend.  Lucious, pear and green apple scents and flavors from the Pinot Bianco blended with minerally Sauvignon Blanc that has its own creaminess, and subtle buttery hints.  Formulated for seared scallops with Emeril’s famous citrus buerre blanc, Christina’s favorite dish.  At first, Stefan thought we were nuts.  Now, even he’s a believer.  Another of our wines that is hitting at least one local Happy Hour  

Red Blend: Alessandro comes through for us with our first Italian red blend, made from French grapes Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The wine is named “PERTINENT” and was inspired by our oldest son, Joe. Alessandro makes an oak aged Cabernet in top vintages named “Pascal” which is all gone, pre-release. And he makes that terrific Merlot Selezzione, also oak aged. Well, we were able to convince him to sell us a barrel of each, and we made a blend that is roughly 60% Cabernet and 40% Merlot. Alessandro says: “The wine is really amazing.” Red and black currant, raspberry licorice and cherry to the nose. In the mouth, it’s fresh, full-bodied and smooth with clean tannins and a long fruity aftertaste. This is a wine that will excel with summertime grilled meats, especially steaks and ribs. It has the flavor profile to hold up to rubs, and we like it best with a chipotle rub. Enjoy – we only have 20 cases.

From Nathalie Belutti, her famous “Rynn Cuvée” (blend of estate Lagrein and estate Merlot) and Jace Wines Proprietary Blend “Apropos” (estate Lagrein and estate Shiava) — inspired by our risk-taker son, Ayrton.  Fresh, lively Schiava blended with tannic estate Lagrein.  This great drinking red wine is wonderful by itself, and great with stewed meats and luxurious and creamy cheeses,  Saluté 

A few words about shipping.  First, we are having a tough time getting the GSO and Federal Express pricing aligned with the site.  Both are about 50% less than UPS.  If you live in San Diego, check “local pickup” and we’ll work it out.  For now, know that I will refund the overage on the UPS estimator when shipping, and will use GSO (for CA, AZ, and NV) and Federal Express.  We should have the “hook-up” handled soon.

NOTE: Jace Wines personnel will be on summer vacation for 10 days, from July 14-25, 2018.  Orders placed during this time will be fulfilled after July 25, 2018.

QUESTIONS?  Drop us a line.  Best personal regards,

Chris and Bridget


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